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What are the major political issues in Egypt today? How do you feel about all the major political issues that are going on today in Egypt and what is your position?

uiwtxstudent@gmail.com Univ. of Incarnate Word, San Antonio, Texas USA

When do you think Muslims and Americans will stop all the hatred and truly build understanding and respect for one another and each others country?

valerieannduran@gmail.com Univ. of Incarnate Word, San Antonio, Texas USA

Has the rebellions, looting, and fighting that has reached our airwaves affected the students at Al Azhar and the school itself?

lysee13@gmail.com Univ. of Incarnate Word San Antonio, Texas USA

How is that men get away with beating women as if it is not a big deal?

JB Univ. of Incarnate Word, San Antonio, Texas USA

Is the current crisis in Egypt having any affect on religions?? If so how and what is happening to these religions? You all think that this will result in a positive or negative outcome?

AA Univ. of Incarnate Word, San Antonio, Texas USA

In our country the bald eagle is considered to be symbolism of our freedom and patriotism. What animal do you all look up to?

YV Univ. of Incarnate Word San Antonio, Texas USA

How does Christianity affect you personally?

MR Univ. of Incarnate Word, San Antonio, Texas USA

Does the younger generation of Muslim women or men have an open mind regarding Christianity, and or American ways, as opposed to the older conservative generation?

MP Univ. of Incarnate Word San Antonio, Texas USA

Do you think discrimination and or racism towards your culture from the West has lessened, decreased, or remained the same in the recent years?

91mijo@gmail.com Univ. of Incarnate Word, San Antonio, Texas USA

How do Muslims feel about homosexuality. Is this something that is discussed at all? If there is a gay Muslim, are they treated like everyone else. Is there a difference in how Muslims feel on this subject and how Egyptians feel about it?

jahartman13@gmail.com Univ. of Incarnate Word, San Antonio, Texas USA

With the recent events and political upheaval, how has this impacted the country's healthcare system and ability to deliver quality care? And do you foresee significant changes to the healthcare system in the near future?

EH Univ. of Incarnate Word San Antonio, Texas, USA

Younger generations in the west have become much wiser and open minded compared to older generations. Hopefully this will continue and move our country in a positive direction. However many adolescents have become lazier, very spoiled and less respectful. Is this change similar in Egypt? Have younger generations become more open minded towards other religions and ethnicities? Do you think they will bring wonderful changes? Have they also lost respect for their elders or is it the same?

Anonymous Univ. of Incarnate Word San Antonio, Texas USA

What are stereotypes about the west that you have in Egypt? About customs, clothing or punishments for offensive behavior? Serious or humorous? As an example, stereotypes some people have about Egypt in the West are sandy deserts, pyramids and camels. I do understand this isn’t correct though

BG Univ of Incarnate Word San Antonio, Texas USA

Are Coptic Christians in Egypt Given Equal Rights? What is your opinion of the issue in the article below?

Al-Azhar asks Coptic Church to denounce US religious discrimination claims-Al Masry Al Yohm
Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria shaking hands with Dr. Ahmed El Tayeb, Al-Azhar's new Grand Sheik, March 23, 2010. El Tayeb is named Al-Azhar's Grand Sheik following his predecessor's, Sheik Mohamed Sayed Tantawi's, death few weeks ago.

Al-Azhar attempted to persuade Egypt's Coptic Church on Thursday to rebuff a US report claiming that Christians in Egypt were discriminated against.
The Coptic Church had--for the first time--welcomed an annual US report on religious freedoms, saying there was indeed discrimination against Christians in Egypt. The Church held the government responsible for the report's conclusions, since it had ignored previous criticisms.
The Egyptian Foreign Ministry, for its part, rejected the report, saying that Washington had no right to assess religious freedoms in the country.
The Islamic Research Academy, which is affiliated with Al-Azhar, will hold a meeting on 6 December to discuss the report following consultations with church representatives.
Al-Azhar spokesman Ambassador Mohammad Rafaa al-Tahtawi said the objective of the meeting was to take a "patriotic stance" representing all citizens, both Muslim and Christian alike. He said Al-Azhar considered the report "unacceptable interference" in Egypt’s domestic affairs.
The US State Department's international religious freedoms report, released Wednesday, details alleged abuses of religious freedoms around the world. This year's report criticized “the practice of religious discrimination against Christians and Baha'is” in Egypt, pointing out that they did not enjoy equal representation in high-level government positions.
The report went on to claim that converts from Islam to Christianity were subject to numerous restrictions, the most noteworthy of which was the refusal of the authorities to issue them new national identity cards reflecting their conversion to Christianity.

Is killing in the name of Allah OK?

Jeannie, Vista, California

Do Muslims hate war?

Jeannie, Vista, California, USA

Why do Muslims hate Jews and Christians?

Jeannie, Vista, California, USA